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Over Twenty Years of Professional Experience In:

  • Patent Acquisition
  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Invention Ownership
  • Non-disclosure and Non-compete Agreements
  • Shop Rights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Work for Hire
  • Consumer and Industrial Product Protection
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements


Low and Flat Attorney Fees With Free Initial Consultations 

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Providing Skokie, IL and its surrounding areas with trustworthy and reliable business advice for intellectual property rights, the Law Office of Adrienne B. Naumann is your ally. Adrienne B. Naumann's office was established in 1996, and she has provided her experience through the years in the intellectual property rights industry. She givescomprehensive and trusted advice regarding all your concerns in patentingtrademarks andcopyrights. If you’re seeking a way to protect your work, Adrienne B. Naumann is the best attorney for the job.

Ms. Naumann quotes flat fees for the patent, trademark and copyright application process, as well as for contracts that are customized for every client. Clients with ongoing cases in her office can also call her for advise on related matters with no additional charge. Ms. Naumann has also authored numerous publications and online articles on important intellectual property issues which can be found here.

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Adrienne B. Naumann is the right person to ask about trademarks, copyrighting, patenting and trade secrets. Call Ms. Naumann’s Office to protect your Business and Individual Intellectual Property Rights!