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Over Twenty Years of Professional Experience In:
  • Patent Acquisition
  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Invention Ownership
  • Non-disclosure and Non-compete Agreements
  • Shop Rights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Work for Hire
  • Consumer and Industrial Product Protection
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements


Protect Your Intellectual Property with a Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Since 1996, the Law Office of Adrienne B. Naumann has been your ally, giving reliable legal advice exclusively in the arena of intellectual property rights. As a copyright, patent, and trademark lawyer in Chicago, IL and the greater Skokie area, Ms. Naumann has obtained trademarks, copyrights, and design patents on behalf of many artists and writers.Start-up companies, individual entrepreneurs, and large, small, and medium-sized businesses have all come to Ms. Naumann’s practice because of her experience in these areas:
Gavel and law books used by a patent lawyer in Chicago, IL
  • Patent Acquisition
Patents help inventors protect their unique ideas and profit from them. To do this, sometimes it's necessary to acquire similar inventions or deter pending litigation from competitors. As a patent lawyer in Chicago, IL, Adrienne B. Naumann has sought patents for a broad range of technologies.
  • Trademark Registration
If you want to keep your brand, name, logo, device, or any combination thereof from being used by others for their own profit, Adrienne B. Naumann can help you create a registered trademark. This is the legal means to stop others from piggybacking on your hard work.
  • Copyright Registration
A copyright verifies that certain creative property belongs to you. Ms. Naumann can assist you in filing a copyright date and a description of your work with the government.

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Protect your work by hiring an intellectual property lawyer. Ms. Naumann charges flat fees and knows how to make protecting your ideas, inventions, and other intellectual property affordable. Plus, she has the experience, knowledge, and skill to defend what is yours.
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